CS 4803/8803 3DU Schedule


The schedule will very likely change, but it represents the current best estimate of what topics will be covered and when. We will have regular QUIZZES on Canvas, based on the book chapters and other material from the class.

We will update it here and post announcements on canvas when things change.

Required readings are in the Reading column. Links to Videos are in the Videos column. I expect you will have watch the videos before the corresponding class period.

Any reading in parenthesis are recommended, and you should at least skim them to be familiar with them at a high level (in case you need that material to understand future chapters, or for an assignment).

The Meeting Locations details will be posted on Canvas. We will either meet in Bluejeans (early on), Teams video (after first week ), Hubs (links on Canvas), or some other social VR platform we are exploring (e.g., Altspace, RecRoom, BigScreen).

Week Date Topic Meeting Location Videos Readings Assignments Notes
1 Aug 17 Introduction to Class Teams   3DUI Ch 1 Background Survey Lecture and discussion, will be recorded
  19 Git, Typescript, Babylon, A0 Teams     A0 out Live demos/coding/setup, be prepared to follow along
2 Aug 24 History Teams/Hubs   3DUI Ch 2 P1 out Social VR and history discussions in Hubs, Hubs tutorials/overview
  26 History Teams/Hubs     A0 in (end of week) A0 help, P1 help
3 Aug 31 Human Factors (Attention and Perception) Teams/Hubs   3DUI Ch3-3.2, Game Feel Chapter 2   Human Factors discussion, hubs design issues
  Sep 2 Human Factors (Cognition) P1 Presentations in Hubs: Attendance REQUIRED   3DUI Ch3.3-3.6 P1 in, P2 out  
4 Sep 7 Labor Day     3DUI Ch4 & 11 if you don’t have HCI class    
  9 UI Software Organization/Architecture no in person this period   3DUI Ch 10    
5 Sep 14 UI Software Organization/Architecture P2 Presentations in Hubs: Attendance REQUIRED     P2 in i3D free registration
  16 UI Software Organization/Architecture       Project Deliverable 0, A1 out Go over A1, coding, exercises, i3D free registration
6 Sep 21 Output Hubs “Hang Out 1” room for chat and help   3DUI Ch5    
  23 Output Hubs “Hang Out 1” for chat and help     A1(b) out, A1(a) in (Friday)  
7 Sep 28 Input Hubs “Hang Out 1” for chat and help   3DUI Ch6    
  30 Input Hubs “Blair’s Office” for chat and help     A1(b) in, Project Deliverable 1  
8 Oct 5 State Machines Teams        
  7 Selection and Manipulation Hubs “Blair’s Office” for chat and help   3DUI Ch7 A1(c) in  
9 Oct 12 Project Proposal Presentations: REQUIRED       A2 out  
  14 Selection and Manipulation Hubs “Blair’s Office” for chat and help        
10 Oct 19 Travel Discussion of Social VR Journal Experience, 1 Hubs Rooms for Discussion 3DUI Ch8    
  21 Travel Hubs for Construction Experiment; “Blair’s Office” for help       ACM UIST, Withdrawal deadline the 24th
11 Oct 26 Travel       A2 in, A3 out  
  28 Travel          
12 Nov 2 System Control and Menus     3DUI Ch9   ACM VRST
  4 System Control and Menus       A4 out ACM VRST
13 Nov 9 System Control and Menus       A3 in IEEE ISMAR
  11 Future of 3D UIs     3DUI Part VI Ch12   IEEE ISMAR
14 Nov 16 Privacy and Ethics Hubs rooms for Discussion and activities     Project Deliverable 2  
  18 Discussion of Social VR (Journal and other)) Hubs Rooms for Discussion        
15 Nov 23 Project Presentations: REQUIRED       Project Deliverable 3  
  25 Project Presentations: REQUIRED       A4 in  
16 Nov 30 reading day          
  Dec 7, 11:30-2:10 EXAM PERIOD: Project & A4 Presentations, Attendance Required